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The Best Kept Restaurant Secret:
The New Rustico Maspalomas is a gem and a well-kept secret for many gay travelers.
You need to book a table ahead and it is a very creative and openly gay-friendly tapas restaurant close to the golf course in Maspalomas and not far from the entrance to the dunes and the camel station.

See their amazing reviews on Tripadvisor and call them at +34609196327 to reserve a table.
Closed on Thursday. Use their webpage to navigate your way via Google Maps.

The New Rustico Maspalomas



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More Facts About Gay Gran Canaria:

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A Brief History of Tolerance in Gran Canaria

There is quite some history behind how Gran Canaria became gay Gran Canaria. Surprisingly it is not a modern marketing phenomenon. The Canary Islands were a beacon of tolerance way before the Yumbo Center was built.

Tolerance looks like to be hard-wired into the Canarian psyche, although it does have occasional conflicts with some men’s macho instincts. However, the overall mainland Spain’s attitude to the Canary Islands made also a big influence.

While mainland Spain has been a quite conservative and stale old place for much of its history thanks to the powerful Catholic Church and a conservative ruling class, things down here in the Canary islands were always a bit more laid back.

The central Spanish government’s favorite location to exile awkward thinkers and rebellious people who broke social norms and rules. For example, the Spanish poet Unamuno, described by the Catholic church as Spain’s biggest modern heretic, was such a typical case.

This Madrid routine of deporting troublemakers stopped them from having any influence in Madrid but also meant that the Canaries got a regular dose of new thinkers with their new ideas. Gran Canaria’s rich and ruling class have always had a subversive streak.

The modern history of being so tolerant, especially in Gran Canaria, started when Francisco Franco flew from Las Palmas to Morocco to start the Spanish civil war and the dictatorship that lasted 35 years after that. While the Canary Islands were not at all so crucial to a dictator based in Madrid, he was quite aware that if his revolution started in Gran Canaria, so could any other one, too.Gran Canaria Gay

Franco put Mattias Vega Guerra in control of the island of Gran Canaria; A man who, as well as a staunch loyalist, just happened to be a mason with a streak of tolerance. The first was illegal, and the second frowned up, but his loyalty and Gran Canaria’s distance from Madrid allowed him to turn a blind eye to discreet homosexuality amongst the island’s elite.

Franco was likely perfectly aware of what was going on but regarded it as a way of keeping his man under control. Mattias Vega Guerra was president of the Canary Islands between 1945 and 1960 and while he persecuted left wingers and anyone that the regime didn’t like, the islands were more liberal than most places in the years before tourism took off.

If you look into the history of Gran Canaria you will certainly understand that it is not just one of the world’s biggest gay tourist destinations due to clever marketing, but it is just actually a development of cultural developments of being a “damn cool place.”

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