What To Do If You Only Had 1 Night in Gran Canaria

What To Do If You Only Had 1 Night in Gay Gran Canaria?

What would you do in gay Gran Canaria if you only have 1 night to spend?

Here is the ultimate gay to-do-list. With updated daily 1-night deal finder. Ideal also if you need to spontaneous add another night while already being here.

If you only stay one night here, make sure to arrive as early as possible.

1. Check in your hotel early and call them that you arrive earlier, many have a standard check-in only after 14:00 hours, otherwise leave your bags at the reception and change into beachwear using the hotel bathrooms instead.

2. Head for the dunes and the best dunes viewpoint at the RIU Hotel Palace Maspalomas where you have the best viewpoints – and if you like to go cruising on your way to the main beach, this is the perfect place to start.

3. Follow the crowd to gay beach number 7 where the gay nude beach is and where you can also get more local information if needed. On the way to the beach, you might end up on some exciting cruising areas in the dunes.

4. Go visit the Lighthouse Maspalomas, have a coffee, snack or some ice cream and take a walk at the promenade behind the lighthouse. Nothing much gay there – but see and be seen, you might pick up some great eye candy here anyway, and besides beautiful seaside views and shopping paradise. You can easily get a taxi here to get back to any hotel within 5-10 minutes from here. If you feel very adventurous you can go the Camel Safari (cruising hot spot at night).

5.  Get some rest and some sleep to be fit at night. Alternatively, you can go to Sauna Heroes that opens at 16:00 hours and is open late night, so you can relax there while still having fun and even might encounter someone to go out for dinner tonight, who knows.

6. If want to do something that feels like working out without working out try the Minigolf at the Yumbo Center.

7. After having a dinner – suggestion for a great dinner is certainly The New Rustico Maspalomas – then pack all your stuff so you can leave in the morning because the gay night life will be short and there won’t be much time for sleep and you will be on time to catch your flight.

If you are here and it is Thursday, bad luck, that you can’t go and eat at the tapas restaurant The New Rustico Maspalomas. Otherwise, try to plan them in for eating well before you start your busy gay night life.


8. Raid the Yumbo center: have some cocktails, take a look into the sex clubs, go dancing at Mantrix the disco that opens at 2:00 am, walk around in circles, get some food in between or get distracted with some guys and go nearby their hotels and places.

9. Go outside the Yumbo center, too – REDS club and the ZOO mens bar sex club are excellent night must haves if you are keen on sexual adventures.

10. Don’t forget to set the alarm. One night is not enough for this crazy party island. Go back to your hotel take a shower and off you go to the airport.


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The Best Kept Restaurant Secret: The New Rustico Maspalomas

www.rusticomaspalomas.com is a gem and a well-kept secret for many gay travelers.
You need to book a table ahead and it is a very creative and openly gay-friendly tapas restaurant close to the golf course in Maspalomas and not far from the entrance to the dunes and the camel station.

See their amazing reviews on Tripadvisor and call them at +34609196327 to reserve a table.
Closed on Thursday. Use their webpage to navigate your way via Google Maps.

The New Rustico Maspalomas