What To Do If You Only Had 2 Nights in Gran Canaria

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What To Do If You Only Had 2 Nights in Gay Gran Canaria?

What would you do in gay Gran Canaria if you only have 2 nights to spend?

Here is the ultimate gay to-do-list. With updated daily 2-nights deal finder. Ideal also if you need to spontaneous add more nights while already being here.

Or the ultimate quick party visit. In and out.

Program For Day 1
Follow the to-do-list at our 1 Night in Gay Gran Canaria Page

Program For Day 2

A lot of gay circuit and party goers often stay up late and return early morning in the hotel, and decide to only have a few hours sleep and then go back to the beach or to the dunes area where a lot of bushes and trees in the cruising area provide some shadow against the sun – and relax there while being already available for some “more action” when other early-birds are roaming the biggest open-air cruising zone.

Here are some exciting things to do on your Day 2:

Make sure you visit the Sex Shop Man’s Plaza in Yumbo center, because it will offer you a lot of flyers of updated events that are often not to be found online – and because they have an excellent gay cinema with cabins and cruising and one-day-entrance ticket where you can come and go. It the perfect upgraded cruising experience. And you get a lot of stuff useful such as lubricant or some fetish gear.

Try to date someone who stays – if you don’t stay yourself at the Basement Studios.
They also offer daytime passes where you can enter the enjoy the cruisy atmosphere.
Day passes are on offer for €10.

Every Wednesday evening Basement Studios have their weekly Sex & Cruising Party for guests and day visitors. The fun starts after dark when they light their flaming torches, pump up the music and get in the mood for fun. There is no dress code for the parties but fetish wear and nudity are encouraged. The parties are free to guests and day members or other visitors are welcome for a 5 euro entrance charge (including one free drink).

This will keep you busy quite some time!

Take a break and have something to eat.

Recommended Sex Clubs for the night:
Reds Club
Men’s Zoo Club




The Best Kept Restaurant Secret: The New Rustico Maspalomas

www.rusticomaspalomas.com is a gem and a well-kept secret for many gay travelers.
You need to book a table ahead and it is a very creative and openly gay-friendly tapas restaurant close to the golf course in Maspalomas and not far from the entrance to the dunes and the camel station.

See their amazing reviews on Tripadvisor and call them at +34609196327 to reserve a table.
Closed on Thursday. Use their webpage to navigate your way via Google Maps.

The New Rustico Maspalomas